About us
       KangDa  technology  co.,LTD,founded in 2005, the  company covers  an  area  of  35500  square meters , with  a  total  investment of  160  million  yuan , which  is a  fine  chemical  industry integrating  scientific  research ,production and sales.
       Company  in  line  with  to  the high  technology, high  investment,high  efficiency  of  modern management  strategy, through constant  development , continuous improvement  of  the  product structure,  innovation,  development and  application  of  new  technology,more  more  advanced  production technology , detection  means  perfect,product  and  quality  has  been  widely praised  from  the  customers.
       The  company  is  in  good  faith management,  innovation  and enterprising , the  pursuit  of excellence,  first-class  technology,first-class  products,  first-class service  business  philosophy ,constantly  enterprising , the  product fully  embodies  the  cost  performance.
       New  century, new  development and  new  challenges , we  sincerely welcome  customers  at  home  and abroad  to  continue  to  join  hands,to  cooperate  and  develop  together.。 ————
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