I think it is about time that some people in the community realised that commercial fishers play an important part in catching fish to supply the needs of people who do not catch fish themselves.

Currently there is a petition by a group of people to reduce the number of commercial fishers in Lake Illawarra.  

The Fisheries Minister ​​has convened a Working Group which includes three Independant people to place a cap on the commercial fishing Industry.
(some examples being discussed are quota, days worked​ and increased individual share holdings). The commercial fishing industry has provided two million dollars towards the sixteen million allocated by the Minister for a commercial buy-out and the results will be known within the next twelve months.

I started this website to help fishers sell their businesses, and to show the public that Industry is concerned about the ​​environment and we want fish stocks to remain viable for future generations.

​​My husband made this short video as part of the Lake Illawarra MAP project and I believe it shows that commercial fishing is not just a job it is a way of life.